Logan Nelson


Saturday, October 27, 2018 from 9:00-5:00
Downtown Edgerton Library, Tri-County Center & Sterling North Museum
For more information visit us on the web at or contact Logan Nelson at or 608-290-7181

Research indicates that a need to tell and hear stories is essential to survival; second in necessity after nourishment. Millions survive without love or home; almost none in silence. Humans are storytelling organisms who lead storied lives. Throughout the ages, narratives, poetry, song and dance, have been used as a means for sharing and interpreting experiences; often times found to be universal, able to bridge cultural, linguistic and age-related divides.

It is in recognition of our shared stories that we celebrate this year’s Edgerton Sterling North Book & Film Festival: Honoring Traditions of Oral Storytelling, Poetry & Music. Hence, we have created some avenues for which we hope festival-goers will join us in the sharing of experiences through various storytelling traditions.

In the morning sessions, poets, Terry Wooten, Louis Clark, Karla Huston, and Marilyn Annucci will grace the podium in the renovated barn behind the Sterling North Museum, while Lynne Diebel and Melanie McManus tell tales of outdoor adventure in the Public Library. In the mid-morning, Kathleen Ernst and Tricia Clasen will sure to please those who love to be transcended in time and place, while Kathie Giorgio offers solace to those of us who have once experienced a year plagued with adversity.

In the afternoon, Stu Levitan, Jen Rubin, and Carrie Meyers will share their unique stories of connecting to people and places, while the poets retake the podium in the upstairs lounge of the library, and Ernst and Clasen head to the Sterling North Barn to join some future Wisconsin authors read their award-winning narratives.

New this year will be two Open-Mic Sessions for those who have a story, poem, or song to share. Though there is a five-minute limit, there are no restrictions on expression. Whether it be a favorite piece from a favorite artist, or an authentic original, all creativity is welcome. More microphone entertainment will be provided at the Book Fair. Join us for there for book signings, lunch, and the live vocals of our very own Rick Pfeifer from Mourning Dayze.

Also, don’t miss the secret stories of Sterling North told by Barbara Wells at North’s hometown Methodist Church at both 11:15 and 1:00. And be sure to visit the Sterling North Museum, open for tours all day long, with a special book signing tour from 2:30 to 3:00.

Wrapping it all up is one of our returning favorites. Jerry Apps will present the WPT Documentary, One Room Schools, based on his book, One-Room Country Schools: Histories and Recollections. Knowing that the Edgerton area has a rich history of one-room schoolhouses, Jerry looks forward to a lively discussion of our shared personal accounts. We look forward to hearing your stories – to the telling. Because it’s what connects us to literature, film, and music, to each other; to survival.

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