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Chasey Blach receives bachelor’s degree from Adams State University

ALAMOSA, CO. (January 13, 2023) – Chasey Blach from Yuma, Colo., graduated Magna Cum Laude from Adams State University, Alamosa, Colo., during the Fall 2022 Commencement Ceremony on December 17, 2022. Blach received a Bachelor of Arts in elementary education/mathematics emphasis. Adams State awarded 275 degrees.

“I am pleased to have earned my degree at Adams State. I came from a small school, so the small class sizes at ASU was something I really appreciated. The close relationship I had with my professors also added to my experience.”

Blach plans on continuing her teaching career with the Center School District, in the San Luis Valley, Colo. She is also getting married this summer. “Hopefully, long term I will get my master’s after a few years of teaching.”

Blach appreciates the education professors taking the time to make her learning experience fulfilling and meaningful. “I formed a close bond with many of them, and I know that if I ever need any resources or advice, they will go out of their way to help me.”

Scholarships were instrumental in Blach graduating with no student loan debt in 3.5 years.
They included: a volleyball scholarship, the Presidents Scholarship, and a few smaller awards. “I played volleyball for three years, and decided not to play the last semester as it coincided with my student teaching.”

She worked off-campus during spring semesters with a local rancher, helping him calve out his cows and take care of his ranch. “I made a lot of connections and relationships through the outside job that I had, and through the church I went to. Once I got involved in the community, my experience of Alamosa totally changed for the better.”

Blach was active in the Adams State Agribusiness Club. “I grew a lot personally, academically, and professionally from my freshman year to now.”


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Chasey Blach graduated from Adams State University, Colo., during the fall 2022 commencement ceremony.