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Legg completes his bachelor’s degree at Adams State University

ALAMOSA, CO. (June 28, 2022) – At Adams State University, Christian Legg found his niche while earning his Bachelor of Science in business administration. He graduated this spring and starts a full-time job with the Adams State Grants Office in June.

“The small-town feel reminded me enough of home but was big enough to feel like I wasn’t just moving from one small town to another. It is close enough to the mountains that I could do all the things I love such as hiking, fishing, paddle boarding, and just all things outdoors.”

Legg will gain experience in the professional world and continue his current e-commerce venture. “My overall goal is to one day start my own business here in the San Luis Valley and serve its community in any way that I can.”

His professors truly cared about his success and future. “Many became friends and mentors. Dr. Liz Hensley (School of Business director) is truly an amazing person that I trust with any questions or concerns I may have. I truly appreciate all of the support and guidance she and my other professors have given me.”

During his academic career, Legg worked off campus and was an intern with the Alamosa City Clerk. “I learned so much and met some absolutely wonderful people in the process.” His final semester he accepted a temporary position with the Adams State Public Relations and Marketing Office updating the website. “I never imagined myself working on websites and the PR staff truly made me feel right at home and I learned so much during the process.”

He appreciates the connection with Jen Stoughton, his supervisor in the PR Office. “I can truly tell that the people of this community care about the students and want to see them succeed in every way.”

As a transfer student, Legg graduated after three years at Adams State debt free. He participated in Toastmasters, and was also part of the cannon crew for the football games. The cannon crew dresses in Civil War era uniforms and fires a cannon at the beginning and end of every home football game, as well as after every Grizzly touchdown. “I met so many great people and made some wonderful friends.”

Legg admits to starting his Adams State with little direction and drive. “I felt lost, hopeless, and thought that college just may have not been for me. Then, I found the School of Business. I found professors and mentors that made me feel engaged and truly cared about my growth through the program. I found a field of study that I truly enjoyed and wanted to succeed in. The School of Business gave me direction and truly changed my life for the better.”


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Christian Legg