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Iowan Launches World Premiere of Movie in Des Moines – ‘There’s a vampire in Des Moines.’

Jan Walters brings her Des Moines-based novel, ‘Red Sunset Drive – A Ghost and a Cop Series,’ to life

DES MOINES, Iowa (September 25, 2019) – A Des Moines-area resident is premiering a new movie on October 12, 2019, at 4 PM and 7 PM at the Flix Brew House in Des Moines. The film, Red Sunset Drive, is based on the novel with the same title by Jan Walters. Walters and Thor Moreno co-wrote the screenplay. Moreno also directed and produced Red Sunset Drive.

In Red Sunset Drive, sleuthing protagonist Des Moines Detective Brett O’Shea investigates a series of murders after a vampire is rumored to be terrorizing the city. O’Shea becomes overwhelmed when he learns he can see and talk to his deceased grandfather, having a police chief who grows more suspicious by the day, and wrapping his mind around the idea that vampires could exist. O’Shea is forced to accept that the paranormal monsters found in fiction books may be more real than he ever imagined.

“I wanted to create a PG 13 movie that the entire family could enjoy,” Walters said. “The film ‘Red Sunset Drive’ provides ample amount of fright factor and intense scenes, as well as well-rounded characters you will come to root for as they take on evil vampires.”

The viewing of Red Sunset Drive will be open to the public. Advance ticket sales are available now. To purchase tickets, go to

About the writer/director:
Thor Moreno is an award-winning Iowa writer, director, and editor who is known for his often dark and edgy films has assembled a provocative and unusual body of work since 2002. Splitting time between the west coast and the Midwest, Moreno has used this unique perspective to create complex character-driven films. His work has received rave reviews globally, and he continues to gain a reputation as a risk-taking director whose films are a ‘must-see’.

About the author:
Jan Walters has had relatives serving on the Des Moines Police Department dating back to the late 19th century. Walters is the author of “York Street, Red Sunset Drive, and Tempest Court” the first three installments in her A Ghost and a Cop series, respectively, as well as romance novel “Believe.” She is currently writing about more of Brett O’Shea’s adventures at her home in Indianola, Iowa.


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