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Designated week celebrates school boards “Building Brighter Futures” for their students

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Des Moines, IA (April 23, 2013) – Volunteer school board members spend thousands of hours each year analyzing budgets, monitoring student achievement data, adopting effective policies and making key decisions to ensure that each Iowa student receives an excellent education. The Iowa Association of School Boards (IASB) invites communities to celebrate and thank their local school board members during School Board Recognition Month in May 2013.

This year’s theme, “Building Brighter Futures,” recognizes that Iowa’s volunteer school board members are providing innovative leadership, through responsibilities ranging from strong financial stewardship to ensuring high-quality curriculum, to make sure all students are able to grow and prosper through their education.

This special month is an opportunity to highlight the excellent work being done on behalf of students and to thank the more than 2,000 men and women who govern Iowa’s public education system.

Please take this opportunity to notice what your schools and board have offered your children this year, and to acknowledge your district leaders. Visit IASB’s web site at to learn more about Iowa school boards.

IASB is a private, nonprofit organization representing Iowa's 348 school districts, nine area education agencies and 15 community colleges.


School Board Member Fact Sheet 2013 - School Board Recognition Month May 2013

Role of School Board Members

VISION: The school board engages the community in setting the course to guide local education, keeping student achievement as the primary focus.

STRUCTURE: The school board employs a superintendent, adopts policies and plans, and ensures that human and financial resources are allocated to accomplish the vision.

ACCOUNTABILITY: The board monitors student achievement, evaluates progress toward district goals and reports progress to the community.

ADVOCACY: The school board serves as the key advocate on behalf of students and public education and builds partnerships with others to support student learning

Iowa school board members are volunteer elected officials who donate their time to school board service. Each week, Iowa school board members donate thousands of hours in service to Iowa students.

K-12 Public School Board Data
Board seats in Iowa..... 2,138
Male board members.... 1,404 male - 66%
Female board members..... 734 female - 34%
Student enrollment 2012-13.... 475,314
Total budget dollars 2012-13... $5.1 billion

Length of Service
Less than 5 years.... 1,088.... 51%
5-9 years....563.... 26%
10-14 years....225.... 11%
15-19 years....190.... 9%
20+ years....72.... 3%

Area Education Agency Boards
The state’s nine area education agencies (AEAs) are governed by board members who are elected for four-year terms by public school board members. Iowa AEAs are intermediate service units that provide special education, media and educational services to local schools.

AEA Board Members
Male.... 50 - 63%
Female.... 29 - 37%
2 seats currently vacant

Average length of service.... 13 years

AEA Administrators
Male.... 8 - 89%
Female.... 1 - 11%

Community College Boards
Iowa’s 15 two-year community colleges are governed by five-to-nine board members elected by local residents in an election held the second Tuesday of September in odd-numbered years. They are elected to four-year terms.

CC Board Members
Male.... 87 - 71%
Female.... 36 - 29%

Average length of service.... 11 years

CC Administrators
Male.... 8 - 53%
Female.... 7 - 47%


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