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"EGGS, the No. 1 Food Trending, in restaurants, for 2014"

Urbandale, Iowa - And the results are in! The No. 1 food for U.S. restaurants is (wait for it...), EGGS - and not just for breakfast! In 2014, we will be seeing eggs appear on popular dishes: burgers, pasta, casseroles AND pizza! Yes, pizza, an American favorite!

According to,, "2014 will be the year of the egg." Thousands of menus were surveyed from the website's list of over 15,000 restaurants nationwide to establish trend predictions. The one food item that kept showing up in menu items was the incredible egg! is predicting an EXPLOSION of egg dishes in 2014. Of course, eggs will maintain their place on the breakfast menu, but we will also see more egg dishes popping up on the lunch and dinner menu. We are not talking egg salad, or a quiche either. We are talking about eggs on top of a big, juicy burger, or on top of a tangy pulled pork sandwich. How about pizza? Yes, please! The crispy crust of a pizza topped with prosciutto, black truffle and topped with a warm, perfectly cooked egg...delicious!

Why are eggs the No. 1 food trend for 2014, you ask? Besides eggs versatility being an obvious reason. The other reason is that eggs are a nutritious choice. Eggs are now being called a "superfood." They are packed with nutrients, vitamins and health benefits! 64% more Vitamin D than before, and making them one of the few foods that naturally contain Vitamin D, an egg-cellent source of protein AND eggs contain all of the essential amino acids; just to name a few!

Hooray for EGGS...roll on!!!!


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