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Trump Finalist Goertz Introduces My People App And Competition To The World

50 select contestants vie for a grand prize and the right to be the first "My People App-rentice"

DES MOINES, Iowa, Jan. 27, 2014- The second stage of celebrity personality and radio host, Tana Goertz' latest business competition "My People App-rentice: Des Moines" will begin at an event from 6 to 8 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 3 at Okoboji Grill at 8481 Birchwood Court in Johnston. The competition, which features to-be-disclosed tasks requiring sales and marketing creativity, will continue for eight weeks in total culminating with a celebration in the first week of March recognizing the winner.

The Feb. 3 event follows the official launch of the competition which took place Monday, Jan.13 at the same location. At the Jan. 13 event all 50 contestants were introduced to the competition and its sponsor, My People App. My People App is a new mobile social business network that plays a key role in the competition. The first task given contestants was simply to download the app as a user, create their own My People App profile, or "Portal", within the app, then to earn as many user connections to their own Portal as possible by midnight on Friday, Jan. 31. The top 25 contestants will, then, be notified and invited to the stage two meeting to be held on Monday, Feb. 3. The one contestant with the most connections by the deadline will be awarded promotional air time Thursday, Feb. 6 on Goertz' new "Hey Tana! Time" radio show sponsored by My People App, which officially began airing Jan. 9 and every Thursday from 7 to 8 p.m. on KXnO 1460 AM.

Contestants are now using My People App and Goertz' own celebrity status to garner publicity in a variety of ways as they compete for the choice of a grand prize: a $5,000 vacation to any location in the world, a year lease on a Mercedes Benz or BMW, or a home office full of Apple products. Contestants have recruited Goertz for guest appearances on WHO radio, print interviews highlighting their efforts, speaking events and children's book signings in order to gain publicity and new connections. As of today, contestants have acquired hundreds of connections in their bids to win.

The Jan. 13 meeting also served as the official American launch of My People App, which creates a new cloud based, social business network designed to empower and connect. My People App, which is available to download and use for free from the iTunes App Store and Google Play, is being launched simultaneously in India and the United States this month.

"Des Moines has never seen anything like this competition," said Goertz. "And when we name our winner in March, My People App will be front and center in the Des Moines-metro and beyond."

"Technology is moving quickly toward mobile devices and apps that truly allow us to do more - and be more - faster than ever. My People App is on the leading edge of that wave and will soon sell itself. That's why I love My People App, and that's why we're going to blow the lid off of Des Moines and take this ship around the country."

Those interested in finding contest updates can follow the "My People App-rentice: Des Moines" Facebook page.


About Tana Goertz
Tana Goertz is an international reality star and inspirational speaker whose passion is people. As a child, Tana realized she had a genuine love for all people and a burning desire to help them through an encouraging word or gesture. Whether she's on the microphone at speaking engagements or reaching out across the airwaves, she feels blessed to have a podium from which to touch so many lives. Tana reminds her audiences that it is in their DNA to succeed and that there is an amazing energy source of possibilities available to everyone. For more information, visit

About My People App
MyPeopleApp(tm) is a cloud based mobile technology company that creates a new mobile social business network and enables mobile life integration. We put advanced mobile application technology at the fingertips of entrepreneurs and consumers so as to set free the power of innovation and enterprise around the world. MyPeopleApp. One World. One App.
Get updates and download the app at

My People App supports the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation - Iowa Chapter. Check them out at

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Finalist on Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice” and first female sports radio solo in Iowa, Tana Goertz, launches stage two of her latest business competition “My People App-rentice: Des Moines” from 6 to 8 p.m. on Monday, Feb. 3 at Okoboji Grill in Johnston. Photo by Wayne Belling of B. Galleria Photography.
"My People App-rentice: Des Moines" contestants study My People App during the Jan. 13 launch. Photo by Kyle Eason of My People App. Group Shots Celebrity personality and radio host, Tana Goertz, launched her latest business competition “My People App-rentice: Des Moines” at Okoboji Grill this week in Johnston. A field of 50 “My People App-rentice: Des Moines” contestants, seen here grouped by gender with Goertz, center, met and connected with contest staff and sponsors while being introduced to My People App and their first competitive task. My People App, a new social business network, is sponsoring the contest and will play a key role in the competition, which features a prize package worth over $5000. Photos by My People App.
Male contestant names, left to right are as follows: Back Row: Marty Stratton, Jim Weaver, John Marten, Mark Mears, Cullen Powers, Johnathan Colton, Travis Hamilton Middle Row: Steve Pilchen, Brandon Adams, Kielan Dittmar, Rick Fleener, Rick Valentine, Eric Kotowski, Nathan Wheat, Tony Cataldo, Tony Murray, BJ Hoffman, Justin Williams Front Row: BJ Deever, Tana Goertz, Matt Kaldenberg, Jared Beymer, Corey Sedrel.
Female contestants, left to right are as follows: Back Row: Katherine Harrington, Hailey Boudreau, Shelly Doty, Dawn Peters, Joelle Swenson, Gina Yori, Lauri Ulvestad, Meg Fisher, Deidre DeJear, Darbie Utterback Middle Row: Jennifer Boes, Gina Gettler, Allie Marten, Tana Goertz, Candi Ladwig, Jeena Lynch, Danielle Clark, Jenny Richmond Front Row: Ambria Luettjohan, Sheena Cochran-Foster, Clemen Wilcox, Emily Vetter, Carey Callaway.



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