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My People App Galvanizes Indian Entrepreneurs With $1000 Prize Challenge

American tech startup engages India via launch in southern capital of Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

CHENNAI, Tamil Nadu, India, Mar. 3, 2014 - Des Moines metro based tech startup My People App CEO Paul N. Greenwood announced the official Indian launch of My People App(tm) and an affiliated cash prize challenge on Monday, Mar. 3 with a press conference in the southern Indian city of Chennai, capital city of the state of Tamil Nadu.

50 tech savvy competitors met prominent members of the Indian media along with regional celebrities at the state-of-the-art Exemplarr Auditorium in Chennai earlier today to learn about the upcoming campaign administered locally by Chennai based Advaitha Corporate Services. My People App Founder, Jay Namboor, of Waukee, Iowa, addressed the approximately 75 in attendance live via Skype.

Spearheaded by veteran CEO Paul N. Greenwood and inspired by native Indian and Founder Jay Namboor, My People App India has recruited and selected 50 competitors to take their game to the streets of India. "At My People App, our unofficial motto is 'Go Where The Life Is.'" Said Greenwood. "With 1.2 billion people within its borders, India is chock full of life. Amidst that life we found 50 driven, ambitious and self-motivated individuals to represent India's best and given them an extraordinary challenge."

My People App began marketing efforts recently in Chennai, a city with a metro population approaching 9 million, by placing large bumper stickers on hundreds of three wheeled motorized rickshaws known locally as "autos". Plans also include placement of banners on elephants used locally as walking billboards. In preparation for the anticipated influx of downloads and registrations, My People App has been ramping up its server capacity for several months.

Participants will earn points and prizes for downloads, profile completions and connections acquired while competing for the grand prize of approximately 60,000 Indian rupees (approx. $1,000 USD). Throughout the My People App India campaign, My People App will encourage challengers to produce and post original photos and videos documenting their innovative entrepreneurial spirit and use of My People App. These posts, along with announcements of weekly top performers, will be announced on the My People App Facebook page. The individual able to document the largest number of points by Apr. 26 will be declared the grand prize winner of the $1,000 USD prize on Apr. 28, 2014.

The buying power of $1,000 USD in India is far higher than that afforded in the United States and can accommodate, for example, a year of college tuition or a complete home office suite of products in India. Near the conclusion of the My People App India competition, a My People App film crew and special guests will document the challenge, its contestants, the grand prize winner and the growing Indian entrepreneurial spirit with final products to be aired in American and Indian markets. Interested persons can find more information at

My People App's stated mission is to empower individuals with the latest in mobile device technology while providing an opportunity to showcase talents and innovations for the rest of the world to see. Pairing India's enormous economic potential with a cutting edge American tech startup was a creative way to open this door.

"We want to accomplish two goals," said Greenwood, "First, My People App is coming to India to inspire Indian entrepreneurs. Secondly, we want to connect Indian business with American business in a way that's never really been done before. My People App wants to seed a new Indian-American partnership without borders. By connecting us all via mobile and cloud technology, My People App does something our respective governments just cannot seem to do very well - create a self-sustaining, economic and social engine across borders that empowers people organically and efficiently."

My People App has been launched simultaneously in the United States in conjunction with an entrepreneurial competition called "My People App-rentice: Des Moines," currently in its third and final stage. My People App is now reaching out around the world to bring India's rapidly growing economic power and vitality to the My People App global community.

Founder Namboor states, "At My People App our vision is really to empower individuals and unleash the entrepreneurial spirit around the world. In a way, we're exposing the increasing irrelevance of distance and boundaries." Namboor continues, "When you travel through a My People App Portal(tm) to reach a business, you're creating a living relationship with that individual, wherever they are, in an instant. We have similar phones - similar apps - and can buy from each other with the touch of our hands. It's that simple."

"Ultimately," said CEO Greenwood, "This My People App India campaign is a chance for India and Indians to shine, and for one hard worker it's a chance for a new lease on life in front of an international audience. You could not ask for anything better than that."


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MyPeopleApp(tm) is a cloud based mobile technology company that creates a new mobile social business network and enables mobile life integration. We put advanced mobile application technology at the fingertips of entrepreneurs and consumers so as to set free the power of innovation and enterprise around the world. MyPeopleApp. One World. One App.

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My People App marketing efforts in Chennai, a city with a metro population approaching 9 million, include placing banners on elephants used locally as walking billboards.
My People App partner, Advaitha Corporate Services Founder Sethu Madhavan, addresses a My People App press conference early this morning in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India, while, in the upper left, My People App Founder Jay Namboor and Director of Media Relations Kyle Eason look on live via Skype.



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