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"Moving America Forward" to feature Fairfield in national television broadcast, May 18

Television show host William Shatner recognizes Fairfield for their entrepreneurial spirit

FAIRFIELD, (Iowa) - Fairfield is adding to its hardware of awards. Fairfield has recently garnered national attention with Smithsonian magazine and Oprah Winfrey, this time it's an award and national television program, "Moving America Forward," hosted by William Shatner. The show, which recognizes Fairfield's entrepreneurial successes, will air on Biz TV Sunday, May 18 at 10:15 CST and streamed live over the Internet at

Fairfield Mayor Ed Malloy and Fairfield Iowa Convention & Visitors Bureau executive director Rustin Lippincott recently traveled to Los Angeles for the interview and taping of "Moving America Forward." The program, which features an introduction from William Shatner, is an interview-style program moderated by Doug Llewelyn, of "The People's Court" fame with Judge Joseph Wapner. Malloy and Lippincott utilized this national program as an opportunity to highlight the entrepreneurial spirit that has led to the many community successes in recent years.

This national entrepreneurial award follows the 2003 designation of Fairfield being named the most entrepreneurial community in America under 10,000 population by the National Association of Towns and Townships in Washington, D.C. In 2004, Fairfield was named Iowa's most entrepreneurial city by the Community Vitality Center.

"Moving America Forward," producer Ruth Collins contacted Malloy in 2013 and informed him that Fairfield was a finalist among 70 potential cities up for the award. Fairfield was ultimately selected to receive the award due to the producer's fascination with the various elements - entrepreneurship, sustainability and arts and culture - that contribute to Fairfield's way of life, according to Malloy.

"The producers of the show were very impressed with Fairfield's strengths as a community - technology, manufacturing, tourism, education and agriculture successes," said Malloy. "Rustin really keyed in on the culture of Fairfield and that we truly live considerably larger than our 9000 population with our amenities and opportunities."

In addition to the interview style portion of the program, the show also includes footage and still photography from a cross section of notable Fairfield events and places. The show's producers were amenable to input from Malloy, Lippincott and Fairfield Economic Development Association executive director Adam Plagge as well as creative influence from Werner Elmker, photographer and videographer.

"The program will air on Biz TV television network that available across the company in selected markets, which will connect more than 24 million households to Fairfield but unfortunately is unavailable in Iowa," said Malloy. "Once the program airs, we will work to get it to run on local programming, including Fairfield Media Center's FPAC-9, LISCO TV and Mediacom. We will also have it on"

The City of Fairfield, Fairfield Iowa Convention & Visitors Bureau and Fairfield Economic Development Association have jointly purchased the rights to the program once it airs on Biz TV and will utilize the program as a promotional tool for tourism and business recruitment.

"As the 'Moving America Forward' award process played itself out, the collective entities believed this could be an excellent opportunity for our community in the future," said Lippincott. "To have the rights to this television show, celebrity endorsement and plaque on display are additional resources in our community development and promotional efforts."

For more information on "Moving America Forward" feature on Fairfield, contact the Fairfield Iowa Convention & Visitors Bureau, 641-472-2828 or visit

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Ed Malloy, Mayor
City of Fairfield

Rustin Lippincott
Fairfield Iowa Convention & Visitors Bureau




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