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Somersworth Resident Receives Full Tuition Award for Senior Year at Saint Anselm College

Manchester, N.H. (March 8, 2019) – Kelsey Warner of Somersworth, N.H., is winding down the second half of her senior year at Saint Anselm College, where she received a full tuition award for the entire closing year of her undergraduate studies. For 2018-2019, Warner is one of only two students at Saint Anselm to receive the Thomas A. Melucci, Jr. Memorial Scholarship. The Melucci award is presented annually and provides full tuition to seniors who have demonstrated significant spiritual and personal growth throughout their time at Saint Anselm College.

A history and English double major, Warner is an active member of the college community, balancing her studies with being an orientation leader, a member of the Anselmian Abbey Players, and a member of the National Society of Leadership and Success. Through the Office of Campus Ministry she was a peer minister, a Eucharistic Minister and lector, and a Campus RENEW leader. Warner is also the founder and president of the True Equality and Dignity Alliance (TEDA).

“I’ve seldom had a student who combined the leadership ability, the grit and courage, and the drive to make the world a better place that I see in Kelsey Warner,” said philosophy professor and True Equality and Dignity Alliance (TEDA) advisor David Banach.

Upon receiving the Melucci Scholarship, Warner says she is honored and humbled to be chosen. “I am beyond blessed that I am able to enjoy my senior year without financial stresses, and am so humbled to be a Melucci scholar.”

The Thomas A. Melucci, Jr. Memorial Endowed Scholarship was established by Thomas and Gail Melucci as a way to memorialize their son, Thomas, who graduated from Saint Anselm in 1988. Mr. and Mrs. Melucci remain closely involved with the scholarship, serving on the committee that selects recipients each year.


ABOUT SAINT ANSELM COLLEGE: Founded in 1889, Saint Anselm College is a four-year liberal arts college providing a 21st century education in the Catholic, Benedictine tradition. Located in southern New Hampshire near Boston and the seacoast, Saint Anselm is well known for its strong liberal arts curriculum, the New Hampshire Institute of Politics, a highly successful nursing program, a legacy of community service and a commitment to the arts.

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Kelsey Warner

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