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Thomas Cook

Children’s Book About a Changed Life

Iowa City, Iowa (November 18, 2020) – An 8-year-old African boy goes from crawling around his grandmother’s home on his hands and knees to walking to school with his brothers and sisters. They give him the nickname “Lucky.”

“Lucky’s Feet” is based on a true story. It chronicles a young boy’s remarkable transformation from the isolation and stigma of living with a disabling birth defect (clubfoot), through his curiosity about the treatment he receives, to the joy of being reunited with his family and becoming just another kid. A caring grandmother, a skilled doctor, and a low-tech treatment provide Lucky with the opportunity for a much brighter future. One of the book’s co-authors is the physician who corrected Lucky’s clubfeet and changed his life.

One reviewer wrote, “Such a happy story. And, of course, the hero of the story, besides the health care workers, is Lucky’s grandmother.” Another described the book’s colorful illustrations as “capturing the vibrancy of Lucky’s home, the emotions around his condition, and a sense of hope and resolve at the end.”

This book is suitable for individuals of all ages. Younger children can follow the pictures while being read the narrative. Early readers will have no problem with the fourth-grade reading level of the text. Adults, including caregivers of children with disabilities, will value the important lessons imbedded in this story.

“Lucky’s Feet,” by TM Cook and OO Adegbehingbe, contains 40 pages and 36 illustrations and is available from the non-profit publisher, Clubfoot Solutions, at The price is $14.99 with all proceeds going to support the treatment of children born with clubfeet.

A free author-narrated version of “Lucky’s Feet,” complete with illustrations, is available at


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“Lucky’s Feet” Cover