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A Book of Teaching Experience and Memoir by Dr. Mark Christensen to be Published November 30, 2021

(December 6, 2021) – Reflections on Teaching, A Passion for Learning by Dr. Mark Christensen, looks back over his four decades in the classroom, and may come at just the right time in the history of Teacher Training and Methods Classes. The year’s upheaval by the 2020 Covid 19 Pandemic could be one of the most drastic our era’s facing in education since the early 1900s.

Dr. Christensen has written a book for the times-it is one that offers a spiritual reaching out, a time to consider renewal and re-organization. One that questions our resources. Prospective teachers are the target audience of the book as the current teachers have experienced a crisis in education and a toxic burden that seems unsolvable in its scope.

The book walks us through the emotional underpinnings of the classroom relationships. “We are all teachers. We can’t help it. We teach just by living, by interacting with others. By setting examples, good or bad. Some teaching is more intentional of course, as parents teach children about safety, morals and hygiene; as coaches teach athletic skills and thought patterns….This book is not intended to be a lecture, or even a book to be read from beginning to end, though I invite you to do so. It isn’t even a book about how to teach, as that is far too large an aspiration for me to attempt. It is meant to be a book to be opened to any random page in hopes that the reflection you fall upon is one you can build upon as you develop your own presence in your own life.”

Dr. Mark Christensen currently serves as chair of the English Department of Bemidji State University. During his career he has earned degrees in English Education, Composition and Rhetoric, and Poetry and Creative Nonfiction writing, as well as a degree in Music. He teaches in all of these areas except Music, which he reserves for outside pursuits. He has published two collections of poetry, one textbook, and over 50 individual essays and poems. He has been teaching at Bemidji State University since 1990. Prior to that he taught junior and senior high school English.


Reflections on Teaching, a Passion for Learning by Dr. Mark Christensen/ $18.95/
Trade Paperback/100 pages/ISBN 9780- 578 -08785-6 /Printed in the USA/Published by Birchtree Publishing Group LTD// Copyright 2021.

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Dr. Mark Christensen