Chris Ransom
President, MMSPA

Celebrating Superior Sweetness

Minnesota Maple Syrup Producers Association Sponsors Workshops in Duluth for Small and Hobby Maple Syrup Producers

Duluth, MN (July 26, 2019) – The Minnesota Maple Syrup Producers Association (MMSPA) will be hosting “Celebrating Superior Sweetness”, the North American Maple Syrup Council’s (NAMSC) and International Maple Syrup Institute’s (IMSI) annual convention, in Duluth, Minnesota October 21-24, 2019. We invite smaller maple syrup producers and hobbyists from across the states of Minnesota and Wisconsin to attend a one day session on October 23 to learn more about their craft. Program fee is $35 for the day and includes entry into the largest maple industry trade show in Minnesota history, technical sessions on best practices, value-added products, syrup quality, chainsaw safety, a group luncheon, and a program book.

Convention Planning Committee co-chair Stu Peterson and Director of the MMSPA says, “This is great one-time opportunity for small and beginning maple syrup producers. The trade show, workshops and speaker topics will include equipment and presentations that apply to the small producers which are so prevalent in Minnesota and Wisconsin. The one-day registration option is intended to make the program available to those on busy schedules. It will be the best $35 a producer can spend learning maple!”

Additionally, on October 24-25, the International Maple Syrup Institute will conduct a maple syrup grading school in Duluth – which will be an opportunity to learn about proper grading equipment and techniques, off flavors, and quality control. Pre-registration is required for both events.

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About MMSPA:
For over 50 years the MMSPA has served the maple syrup industry of Minnesota. Incorporated as a non-profit membership association in 1966, the MMSPA has promoted quality maple products and provided information and education to members. We exist to support and encourage maple syrup production in Minnesota by hobbyists and licensed commercial producers alike. The MMSPA is dedicated to:

  • Promoting the interests and welfare of Minnesota maple syrup producers;
  • Improving sugar bush management;
  • Expansion of markets for high quality maple products;
  • Supporting maple syrup research by state and federal agencies; and
  • Joint efforts with the University of MN and MN Dept of Ag for advancing the maple syrup industry.


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