Randall Terry

Locations and Times:

Monday April 15th:
Times and locations in southern Iowa to be announced.

Tuesday April 16th:
Cory Booker
Carroll 1:30 PM

All 3 Buttigieg stops:
Fort Dodge 3:30 PM
Panora 6:00 PM
Des Moines 7:30 PM

Wednesday April 17th:
Both Buttigieg stops:
Marshalltown 9:30 AM
Des Moines 11:30 AM

Randall Terry, founder of Operation Rescue ​and host of Voice of Resistance TV show​, to begin multi-city Iowa tour confronting Democratic presidential candidates for their support of abortion and infanticide. This is part of a multi-state strategy which will continue through November 2020.

As candidates arrive in Iowa to meet and greet voters, Mr. Terry, his staff, and the 40’ Motor Coach will meet and greet the candidates and their supporters.

The​ 40 foot bus is covered with images of aborted babies. See other pictures/video of the bus and press coverage from other states at: ​

The theme of the bus is that it is a sin for Catholics and Evangelicals to vote for democrats that promote aborting children, and that Christians have an ethical duty to abandon the Democrat Party, which supports aborting children up to the day of birth.

The motor coach has 67 feet of linear banner. It is also fitted with a “Blues Brothers” sound system that enables Mr. Terry and his associates to address gathering crowds and passersby.

Mr. Terry states: “We will be spending a LOT of time in Iowa over the next year…getting to know the Candidates and their staffs on a first name basis. This is our formal introduction. Our goal is to cause a crisis of conscience for Christian voters in Iowa who support pro-abortion Democrats, so that when the elections occur, Christians refuse to vote for pro-abortion Democrats.”

Mr. Terry will be available for interview on this trip. Media are welcome to have a tour inside the

See more pictures of the bus and prior media coverage at


To download full image, right-click and choose “save image as”

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