THE LINK is a college hometowners program that transmits student information to newspapers in students’ hometown zip code area. This program is currently used by over 100 colleges and universities to announce graduations, honors achievements, athletic events, drama and music events … the possibilities are endless.

We have all the contacts.

We have established and continuously update the hometowner national database, ensuring students’ news arrives at the appropriate news media in the format the publications prefer.

We do all the work.

The Link goes through the list and makes sure all the student zip codes are valid and match with newspapers. We do all the follow-up for any parent and/or student questions that may come your way regarding publication, and get the answers back to you. We also send you free reports that track where each student’s name was distributed for publication.

Social media ready.

The Link now offers the ability to send an email directly to the parent(s) and/or student(s), to notify them of the student’s achievements and recognition, for sharing with family and friends through social media. We provide free reports that track student views/clicks and network shares.

Only pay for what you use.

We only charge for what you send out.

Try us now for FREE!

THE LINK is offering a special promotion just for trying our services; we will send your first list free of charge, no obligation.

If you would like more information, please feel free to contact us at anytime. We will be glad to visit with you and assist you however we can.

Thanks so much for considering The Link’s hometown services!