From Our Clients …

“You guys are great to work with. Service is top notch and the price can’t be beat.”

– Kimberly Weinberg, University of Pittsburgh

“Thank you! You all are so great to work with!!”

  – Danielle Durham, Missouri Valley College

“We use The Link and we are extremely happy with them.  Their prices are low and their service is personalized and very accurate. If someone complains that the hometowner didn’t appear in the right paper or didn’t appear at all, The Link will follow up personally with the editor and/or send it to the other paper requested, even if it isn’t the one that their database shows should serve that zip code. We switched from Merit and couldn’t be happier.”

– Jennifer Donovan, Michigan Technological University

“Thank you, Deanna! I’m really liking how easy it is to use The Link!”

– Tina Horner, Clarion University

“WOW that was fast! Thank you for taking such good care of us. We appreciate your work.”

– Paul Fowler, Quinnipiac University

“Outstanding organization…easy to work with and responsive.  We use it for our Graduation List, as well as our Academic Honors List. I would give them **** out of four.”

– Jeff Bandurski, Concordia University Wisconsin

From Our Newspapers …

“Your university (service) sends out the BEST format for the Dean’s list. So easy for newspapers to use. Thank you!”

– Nancy, Minneapolis Messenger, Kansas

“Thank you so much for sending these in this form. It saves a busy editor a tremendous amount of time.”

– Doris Newman, Editor, Wood County Monitor, Texas

“Breaking these down by hometowns is so helpful! You’d be amazed how few institutions think to do that. I’ll get it typeset right away. Thank you.”

– Dana Haynes, Managing Editor, The Times, Beaverton Valley Times, Portland, Oregon

“Thank you for the info by zip. Super helpful!”

  – Mathias Baden, Woodbury Bulletin, Minnesota

“Thank you very much for the list separated as it is. Love it. Thank you again.”

– J.B., News & Citizen, Morrisville, VT