Kate Douglas


Locally owned Cooper Greyson brings ‘clean’ candles to top holiday markets:
Dayton’s Winter Makers Market, Four Seasons Christmas Market and the Winter Market at Viking Lakes

ST. PAUL, Minn. (November 20, 2023) — Cooper Greyson Candle Company is thrilled to be included in the top holiday markets this holiday season in Minneapolis and St. Paul. Launched by St. Paul native Kate Douglas, Cooper Greyson offers ‘clean’ candles that emit beautiful scents, are aesthetically pleasing and hold a burn time of 80-100 hours.

“I am so honored and excited to have Cooper Greyson candles included in these top holiday markets,” said Kate Douglas, CEO. “Making every candle and sharing them with others brings me such joy. Knowing that people are buying our candles to enjoy themselves this season or to give as gifts, sends me over the moon with joy.”

Cooper Greyson Candles were born out of a loss but flourish out of love. Founder and CEO Kate Douglas first took an interest in candlemaking back in 2010. It was an on-again, off-again hobby which eventually landed on the off side. Fast forward to 2020 when the COVID pandemic hit and the hobby was revived. Some chose bread making, Kate chose candlemaking. During this time a good friend lost their life to suicide, and candlemaking became an outlet for comfort and self-care.

Kate soon immersed herself in researching what methods and ingredients would result in the best and healthiest candle, this lead her to creating the ‘clean candle.’ She was content giving her candles away as gifts of love and for the recipients to use them for self-care themselves. They were so popular that these friends returned wanting to gift them to other friends. At first Kate gifted those friends of friends, eventually she was talked into seeing how her candles would sell at a market. She went to her first market in November 2022 with 40 candles and sold out within hours. Voila – Cooper Greyson was officially born and it’s been growing ever since.

All Cooper Greyson candles are organic ‘clean burning’ candles and have a burn time of 80-100 hours. The 12 ounce candles are hand poured from organic soy wax, and contain clean fragrance as well as an untreated wood wick. ‘Clean burn’ candles do not produce soot and are non-hormone disruptors; in addition, clean fragrances are generally well tolerated by people who are sensitive to scents.

Cooper Greyson offers a variety of beautiful crisp fragrances that please the senses, and each comes with a catchy name. Crocus Hill Christmas smells like orange clove, while Spill the Tea is a scent of spiced tea with clove, cinnamon and a hint of chai. Some of the names are driven by the scent while some are driven by love and nostalgia, just like the company name; Cooper is Kate’s dog and Greyson is her grandson.

For more information on candles and available scents, visit: Instagram: @coopergreysoncandle


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