(May 1, 2024) – The Missouri Veterinary Medical Foundation (MVMF) has announced the winner of the 2024 Animal Archives “Pet of the Year.” The Archives offers an internet-based memorial program devoted to departed pets. This year’s winner is “Teddy,” a thirteen-year-old Persian cat owned by Pat Burns and Jackie Ellis of Columbia, Mo. He was honored by MVMA member-clinic, Rolling Hills Veterinary Hospital, Columbia, Mo.

Teddy was one of six nominees in this year’s competition. Nominees are chosen from the previous year’s submissions to the Archives. During 2023/2024, the public was invited to vote online for their favorite departed pet based on its life story and the bond between the pet and its owners.

Votes from across the state were cast for the six candidates. An Honorable Mention goes to the other five Pet of the Year candidates: “Lexi”, “Lacie”, “Annie”, “Moxie” and “Amelia”.

“We adopted Teddy, a red Persian, and his half brother Franklin, a black Persian when they were 9 months old. Teddy was always tiny, hitting 7 lbs at his best, half the size of Franklin. Although small, he had the heart of a lion and showed no fear of anything. He was sometimes called Terrible Ted or Ted Bundy, since he did not display a “conscience”. He was very smart, and was so sweet, when he wasn’t being onery. Teddy made up his own game that Jackie called “Foot”. He would lay on my chest facing me and extend his paw toward my chin. I would touch his paw and he would jerk it back. He would repeat this for as long as I would play. He was so loved and is so missed.” –  Pat Burns and Jackie Ellis

Coming soon… View the next Pet of the Year candidates and vote for your favorite pet.
Go to the Animal Archives of Missouri website at www.mopetmemorial.com.

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Teddy, the 2024 MVMF Animal Archives of Missouri “Pet of the Year”